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For those of you living under a rock, PARK [Promoting Artists + Redefining Kulture] is an organization born in Calgary, that creates opportunities and events to exhibit art, fashion design and creative culture that lives within Canada.


Park Luxe is the fashion production created by the masterminds behind PARK. I have to give it up for these girls – with over 600 guests, a set list of 7 designers showing their collections and in-house art exhibits, bars and appetizers… can we please have a round of applause for the PARK team?

The annual fashion show, held this time at Telus Spark Science Centre in Calgary was worth the 523km that I travelled round trip to attend.

It was a tough crowd for the ladies. Imagine over 300 woman breaking out their best furs, pumps and most beloved Chanels. The men were handsome and dapper as shit in bow ties and their best suits.  Everyone looked on point – we aren’t talking NYFW here, where bloggers and guests dress to be photographed, we are talking one hell of a good looking crowd.

Mind you, with every grandioso production, shit can and will go south. The bar – or lack there of was unfortunate. The line up was hot, long and confusing. Leave it up to one asshole who ignored the last seating call, jolting down the catwalk with drinks in hand, dodging models and laughing up a storm. The crowd seemed particularly amused- I however was not. Idiot.

Nicole Campre, Anne B. Accessories, Malorie Urbanovitch, Tanya Taylor, Lauren Bagliore, Paul Hardy and Laura Siegel featured their collections down what seemed like a mile long catwalk. Unfortunately, my memory card filled itself halfway during the production, but I did manage to capture my hometown gals, Nicole and Malorie. Malorie, I die for every. single. knit that went down that catwalk.

It’s legit. Spark Science Centre literally dropped the ‘S’ for PARK. 9007505Swa-a-a-a-a-g.

IMG_6000Myself & Vincent Law Binzento Vincente | image c/o katrinaolson.caSONY DSCNicole Campre | Edmonton IMG_5670 IMG_5675 IMG_5677 IMG_5682 IMG_5694 IMG_5695

IMG_5699Malorie Urbanovitch | EdmontonIMG_6001 IMG_5748 IMG_5757

IMG_5758Tanya Taylor | NYC IMG_5793 IMG_5795

With every event, there are always new connections and friends made. It was a fun experience to check out the exclusively fashionable scene in Calgary for a change. For more photos, check out PARK’s Art Director’s site, Katrina Olson-Mottahed | http://www.katrinaolson.ca/parkluxe-2013/.

x Courtney

I love nothing more than a good ol’ collaboration. Collaboration screams limited edition.

Last year the shelves in my office were happily adorned with a psychedelic bear and elephant courtesy of the Missoni x Holt Renfrew collaboration. This year it’s looking to be my hands and fingers warmed stylishly by the upcoming Movember inspired team-up between British designer Paul Smith x Holt Renfrew.

If you love stripes, you love Paul Smith. If you love moustaches and all the wonderful men in your life, you love Movember.

Supporting a prostate near you never looked so good. These mitts are designed to represent the iconic stripes Paul Smith is known for.

Straight from the press release, ‘Legendary Design. Worldwide Exclusive. Limited Edition. $50. Charitable Giving. Only available in Canada at Holt Renfrew.’ Couldn’t have said it better myself… Okay I probably could have.
_DSC8278 copy_DSC8251 copy

Paul, why no toddler sizes? These mitts would look adorable on my kid- but not to fret, I’m sure they’ll fit my hands just fine. I am going to reserve mine tomorrow, but they go officially on sale October 15 at any Holt Renfrew or HR2 near you. Stripes for the win this winter.

x Courtney

I know you all need a good laugh before bed. After all, theres nothing like a half naked protestor to kick off a runway show during Paris Fashion Week. Say whaaa?

Take a Parisian brand known for it’s feminine, gentle and soft aesthetic. Take a Ukrainian feminist group proudly protesting the sexualization of models in fashion on a destructive anti-fashion facade. Take the bizarro words “fashion dictaterror” and “models don’t go to brothel” slabbed in ink on stomachs and bare breasts. How’s that for a catwalk show?

The FEMEN feminist group breached security and had their asses hauled off the Nina Ricci SS’14 runway in Paris within a mere 45 seconds, but not without screaming ramblings of fashion fascism and potentially assaulting a model.

What a bunch of ruthless idiots – decrying sexualization on their naked torsos. The extremity of the fashion world shows it’s limits as most guests ultimately could have even thought it was an amplified part of the catwalk show. Until 5 seconds later when they are like okay, what the fuck.






FEMEN has since said that they wanted to sabotage the fashion show in a campaign against fashion as ‘one of the main outposts of the sex industry.’ Okay girls, not much of a sabotage as these models are slightly phased and the show must and will go on. However, thank you for the entertainment FEMEN.

[images c/o various websites]

x Courtney

Whoa dude. Whoa.

Suspenders, white leopard, Amor body jewellery, leather, all black and varsity jackets. The Suka Clothing SS’14 collection spoke to me – “BUY ME, BUY ALL OF ME“. Or perhaps that was the little clothing-addicted-devil on my shoulder.

Alisha Schick for Suka Clothing is a local ready-to-wear designer and designs in-house for Bamboo Ballroom. Schick’s collection on Wednesday at Western Canada Fashion Week successfully surpassed it’s hype. The feminine silhouettes and edgy details like shoulder and waist cutouts, thigh high tights and body jewellery showed us the epitome of cool. The colour palette Shick used was subdued and left our focus on the aesthetic details such as her fine tuned tailoring skills.

Without a doubt, I died for every single piece and every model was effortlessly bad-ass. Please friends, have a little look-sy for yourself. 

suka6 suka5 suka4 suka3 suka2 suka1 9951887753_7eeb788feb_c suak7 9951758865_aef835e7db_c 9951783266_cf12f1614c_c

I told you I wasn’t kidding. 

Suka Clothing is sold at Bamboo Ballroom on Whyte Avenue (8206-104 street).

Of course, I forgot my Canon on collection night. [images c/o flickr/westerncanadafashionweek.com, photography by June Nino Chua]

x Courtney

September is an exhausting fashion month. Between wrapping up an overloaded trip to NYC, then participating in our second Edmonton Fashion Blogger Wardrobe Sale a few days after my arrival home; now it’s on to Western Canada Fashion Week. Just when I think rest MUST be in store,  it’s time to pack up for a trip south to our friends in Calgary for the PARK LUXE fashion event on October 5.

In between the September fashion madness, there has been a specific show I was anticipating.  A fellow fashion blogger pal | vintage connoisseur | local designer Susanna Pearcey debuted her SS’14 collection at WCFW on Friday night.

We saw 10 consistent looks in total and each model oozed professionalism. The collection stemmed of loose fit dresses which fell below the knee, designed with structured lines and hems and a tasteful mixture of texture and prints throughout. I applaud Susanna’s consistency.

I was intrigued by the makeup and the soft curls in the hair was very on-point with the Great Gatsby. The dark lipstick added a shrill of boldness to the elegance of the sheer numbers that I loved so much.

IMG_5584 IMG_5585 IMG_5591 IMG_5592 IMG_5594 IMG_5596 IMG_5600 IMG_5605

It’s also always refreshing to see pieces that are actually wearable on the catwalk. Great job Suzie! Don’t forget me when you’re famous.

x Courtney

Welcome to the Garment District of New York City, the hub of internationally renowned fashion designer showrooms. The buildings are old and their elevators are a claustrophobic nightmare. I am not a buyer for a reputable fashion brand, so the rare opportunity to browse and buy some showrooms at buyers price – for those of you who don’t know, that’s about 3 times less than what we pay in stores – was a happy experience for closet collections, bank accounts and a good hit in the memory bank for my mom and I.

IMG_5191IMG_3125It’s buyers territory, I get it. I don’t have many photos and in some showrooms I was unable to take any photos.

Our first stop was Sondra Roberts. The designer was not in, but her assistant liked the fact that I was Canadian and let me purchase a sample handbag. Fact – no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t drop the EH?  The gold zipper and camouflage tote I left with was just used for shooting in the October issue of InStyle magazine. It’s now used for holding all of my crap and Ryker’s snacks.IMG_5182IMG_3126It was at the KAS private sample sale that I held the door open for RHOMiami’s Lea Black. She’s worth about $65 million so I guess it was okay that she was as cold as ice. RAWR.IMG_5192IMG_5195The sequinned shorts were incredible and unfortunately completely unavailable. Can’t I have them off the mannequin?IMG_3131White leather and black stitch details. That dress though!IMG_3128Linda Richards is a luxury designer who works with fur, a lot. I indulged in a grey knit Racoon-collar vest. Sorry, not sorry.

Other stops included the Johnny WAS showroom, Kal Reiman and costume jewellery factory Grinnelle Designs. Johnny WAS is a LA based company, making it easy to understand where their boho influence stems from. Kal Rieman’s showroom was loaded with whimsical dresses and caftans. Grinnelle was our last stop and we ultimately saved the best for last – their designers are the masterminds behind the jewellery for brands like Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. We walked away with Swarovski rings and bangles for next to nothing.

SURPRISE! It’s Nigel Barker owning the streets of NYC. I snapped this pic of Nigel in the Fashion District. He is looking good as always.IMG_5501

x Courtney

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